Friday, April 24, 2009

The Odyssey Part 2-Five Day Report

This has been an interesting work-week. Beginning on Monday morning, I have been using Sun Warrior protein powder as my only food. It's a well-balanced mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and I have been blending this powder with water, taking it to work with me and having one cup every two hours.  The one saving grace is that it is chocolate flavored powder. Even though it is one of the best tasting protein powders out there, by 4 p.m. it tastes more like 'chalkolate' than the nectar of the gods. Added to this glorious diet is all the organic green tea I can drink. I have been going with the mango, berry, and jasmine green teas and brewing about two litres at a time in my handy-dandy tea thermos from Costco. Supplements are at a minimum since the whole idea is to shock the body into believing it has to burn all that nutrition I have been stashing in my body fat to survive. Apparently, it's working. Between Monday and Friday, I have lost 6.5 pounds and have not been hungry, tired, or otherwise inconvenienced. There was a slight headache the first couple of days but nothing that couldn't be taken care of nicely with a cup of skullcap tea.

Not bad. I expected it to be much worse. I do miss food, though. It's not the hunger part at all - it's the pleasure of tasting and enjoying flavor. I've come to realize that eating, one way or another, is at the core of most of my social interactions. 

There are a group of people out there who have made 'minimum calorie/maximum nutrition' a lifestyle. This movement developed from some rather compelling research that has shown a direct correlation to calorie intake and longevity. Those little lab rats that ate a very calorie restricted diet outlived the rest by sometimes as much as 50% while maintaining good health and an excellent quality of life - aside from being denied the pure pleasure built into eating. I am not concerned with living to 130+ unless all my friends and family were doing the same. For now, I am concerned with resetting my hypothalamus and eating well after doing so.

Time for another chalkolate shake.


  1. Late to topic I must explore as healt makes my current food intake levels a poor proposition.

  2. health is the issue, I need quick reference to spell check, sorry about that

  3. I haven't been here in a while and I'm just sprucing up the place. Health is always the most important thing and lowering the calories and maximizing the nutrition is what seems to be the best way to go for me.