Saturday, April 18, 2009

Health Canada

Immortality - Is It Possible? was the title of my article for a journalism class many years ago. I admit to using blatant tools of the trade to incite readership but despite the provocative headline, there was some very compelling research that supported the idea. I'm not talking about the sensational reports. We have all heard the Walt Disney and cryogenics story. Wishing upon a star and freezing whatever is left at the end of the day is not what this is about. Nor is it about proving the biblical stories true - nobody in living memory has lived 800 or more years. This is about real possibilities.

The human body is made to be regenerative. This is not fantasy. This is fact. We regenerate cells every minute. How these cells are reproduced is both the problem and the answer. As we age, things change. Why? Because we change our environment and we change the input to our genetic code. 

Two of the nutrients I am most interested in are acetyl l-carnitine and l-carnitine. They are not the same. One is a precursor of the other and they do very different things. First of all, they are not amino acids as was once thought. They are part of the vitamin B complex. L-carnitine is important in maintaining muscle and is valuable in protecting the heart and all muscles in the body. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, it protects the muscles from wasting away. Acetyl l-carnitine is what l-carnitine is transformed into. It crosses the blood/brain barrier and has been shown in recent studies to be of major importance in treating and  reversing Alzheimers disease, enhancing the capacity of Downs Syndrome patients, preventing and reversing dementia, and otherwise reversing the memory loss and alleviating other neuro-deficiencies in aging. Both aid in the conversion of fat and the health of mitochondria in the process. Why is it illegal now to buy in Canada without a prescription? Because Health Canada has decreed you now need a prescription which protects the pharmaceutical companies that have otherwise no vested interest in your health. It's all about money. If it works, regulate it and make sure only those who can pay can receive it. 

Speak out now before it is too late. Being Canadian has long meant being polite and speaking softly when it comes to change but we can learn from our American neighbours without adopting the things we don't like.  Make change for the good and make it now. It's now or never for your parents' health, for your own, and for that of your children.  Demand change in our laws and when prescriptions are necessary, shop at Costco for better prices! 


  1. The Pharmaceutical industry as part of medical establishment and health profession pursuit of ever-larger profits margins dictate a take no prisoner approach.

    Does Canadian national health policy mitigate on behalf off Canadian people or the big business of the medical industry? In the US, the medical industry and their lobbyist current control legislation and want to maintain the statues quo. Many hope for positive change with the Obama Administration.

  2. In Canada, the natural health industry is under attack because it works. People have long been able to treat themselves with herbs and supplements but as it becomes more apparent that this is a viable alternative, the government has been interfering more and ruling that certain supplements be 'by prescription only'. Many doctors and naturopaths are outraged and continue to lobby the government but big business continues to rule in many respects. We here in Canada have much hope for Obama and the change in favor of people rather than government. Sorry if I was sounding anti-American but it's aimed at governments, not people. We are all in this together. And thanks for the comment. It's nice not to be alone our here in the blogsphere. :-)